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3 Major Transportation Challenges Schools Can Solve with a Ford Transit

By Nor Cal Vans Team | January 06, 2020

school zone warning signUrban, suburban and rural schools, colleges and universities all have different transportation needs to help students and staff efficiently get to and from campus, through campus, and to transport students to and from events and activities.

While the actual transportation needs may vary from school to school, some remain universally the same:

  1. The need to transport students to and from events and activities
  2. Providing access and mobility for all students by being ADA compliant
  3. Cost efficiency and sustainability

The question remains, how do you meet the demands of students and faculty while also meeting the needs above? The answer is by utilizing a fleet of smaller hybrid buses in the form of the Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect vehicles.

1.  Transporting Students

Whether you’re transporting the baseball team to play a weekend tournament out of town, or you need a reliable option to provide students with special needs access across campus, the Ford Transit is a versatile vehicle for your fleet.

The Ford Transit allows drivers to transport up to 14 passengers. The Transit Connect can also comfortably seat 5 with cargo room in the rear, allowing you to carry equipment, supplies, or luggage. The rear floor folds out into a ramp when the need to transport a wheelchair user arises, while also ensuring safety and ADA compliance.

2.  ADA Compliance

The goal of ADA compliance is to provide the comfort and safety for passengers that require the use of a wheelchair.

Required elements of ADA Compliance include:

  • Lift door height.56” door opening height
  • Handicap lift.30” x 40” wide clear platform
  • Wheelchair attachments. Able to withstand 2,500 of pressure per leg
  • Seat belt. 4 pt. tie downs with lap and shoulder belt
  • Interior lighting. One-foot candle of illumination
  • Specific guidelines for wheelchair ramps: A 1:12 slope ratio, which equals one foot of ramp for every inch of rise; a flat and unobstructed area measuring five feet by five feet at the top and bottom of the ramp; a width of 36 inches; handrails on both sides of the ramp that are 34 to 38 inches in height

ADA compliance can feel overwhelming, but you can ensure that these requirements are met in the most cost effective and efficient way possible by using a van conversion company you trust.

3.  Cost Efficiency and Sustainability

Utilizing a smaller fleet of hybrid buses can help reduce costs, sustain the environment and offer the convenience you need, while still meeting the demands of students and faculty. Whatever the specific needs of your campus are, Nor Cal Vans can create a customized solution.

The Ford Transit Basic Shuttle offers greater fuel economy, up to 38% over traditional cutaway buses and is more easily serviceable than traditional cutaways. It’s an ideal shuttle vehicle with its superior people moving capabilities and low operating costs.

Nor Cal Vans can create custom packages including bus doors, wheelchair accessibility, storage options, and flexible seating to meet the needs of your school campus.

Get a Quote NowNor Cal Vans designs and builds transportation solutions that change people’s lives. We serve a broad range of industries with our innovative new and used van conversion options including government, education, airport/group transportation, non-emergency medical, secure transport, and refrigeration. We’ve been solving transportation needs for nearly four decades and strive to hold true to our values of teamwork, trust, accountability, growth and a positive attitude.

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