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Best Sanitation Practices for Your Vehicle Fleet

By Nor Cal Vans Team | April 03, 2020

disinfecting car interior

As a business owner or part of any organization that utilizes a fleet of vehicles as a means of transportation for yourself, your employees, and/or your clients, it's very important to have efficient sanitation practices in place. Unfortunately it has become too easy for anyone to become sick by touching surfaces that have not been cleaned and sanitized on a consistent basis. The following sanitation practices will help you keep your vehicles in good shape.

The general supplies to keep on hand

Operating vehicles that include transporting other individuals, no matter the size of the vehicle fleet that you own or are operating, requires you to keep essential cleaning items in your vehicle at all times. Your job operating this vehicle is to transport the individuals and/or items to their final destinations in a safe manner.

Here is a list of basic items that should always be kept in a vehicle to practice good cleaning techniques:

  • Disinfecting wipes
  • A broom and dustpan (regular size or small)
  • Trash bags to throw trash in
  • Medical  box (i.e. band-aids, cotton balls, q-tips, alcohol wipes, general pain relievers, disposable gloves, antibiotic ointment,  adhesive tape, soap, hand sanitizer, and tweezers.)

The Coronavirus pandemic requires even more

Unfortunately over the past few months the world has experienced a pandemic that is becoming extremely hard to defeat. The Coronavirus has made it quite clear that sanitation practices are always important, and even more so during this time. 

If you're operating a wheelchair transportation for elderly individuals especially, it's vital that you sanitize the entire van multiple times throughout the day. This way it lessens the chance of any of your elderly clients getting sick during essential medical appointments.

Clean and sanitize after every trip

This may seem like a very tedious practice to do, however, you are saving lives every time you clean and sanitize your vehicle fleet.

Follow these tips to also protect your vehicle and its interior:

  • The best thing you can do is wash your hands consistent with soap and water!
  • Avoid using bleach except on simple plastics.
  • Don't use solvents.
  • Use leather conditioner to keep it healthy - hand sanitizers contain alcohol, which can dry out leather.
  • When in doubt, test cleaners on a surface that can't be easily seen first.
  • Wipe off what you wipe on; don't leave chemicals to linger.
  • Be aware of the surfaces you touch. Don't forget to disinfect buttons and switches, your rear view mirror, steering wheel, radio dials, door handles, and even your gas cap with disinfecting wipes or an alcohol based cleaning solution.
  • Use a solution that contains at least 70% alcohol - isopropyl alcohol is a great option.

Depending upon how frequently your vehicle fleets are used on a daily basis, it's always important to do a deep cleaning of your vehicles at the end of the work day. For some businesses that operate on a 24 hour basis such as hotel pickups, airport transportation, and senior citizen assistance, you may have to block out extra time. But remember, simple disinfecting of surfaces, washing your hands, and practicing social distancing when possibly will save lives!

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