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CannaCage Van Connversion Kit: Secure Transportation of Your Product

By Nor Cal Vans Team | July 13, 2020


Distributors of cannabis product have many requirements to meet in what has become a highly regulated industry. Among the slew of requirements that must be met are those related to how the cannabis product is transported. The California Code of Regulations states:

  • Cannabis goods shall only be transported inside of a vehicle or trailer and shall not be visible or identifiable from outside of the vehicle or trailer.

  • Cannabis goods shall be locked in a box, container, or cage that is secured to the inside of the vehicle or trailer.

You may be hesitant to outsource the transportation of your product because it’s expensive and you have less control over making sure all the requirements are be met.


If you require a low-cost secure transportation solution that meets BBC requirements, then the CannaCage might just be your answer. It’s durable, has easy installation instructions and can be shipped directly to you anywhere in the U.S.


What’s included in the CannaCage Kit?


Starting at just $5,700, it can help you transport your products with confidence knowing that your vehicle meets the legal regulations.


Our CannaCage Standard Self-Installation kit includes:

  • Full composite partition/bulkhead behind driver
  • Durable steel cage with walls
  • Steel roof and rear locking door
  • LED cargo lights
  • New wood floor with altro commercial flooring covering
  • Hardware for installation
  • Step-by-step instructions with photographs
  • Phone support


Nor Cal Vans is here to help whether you are an Upfitter or Installer who is ready to help provide secure solutions for your customers or you own a vehicle and are comfortable with self-installation.


Are there any additional features?


Any of the following can be added to your kit:

  • Drop slot safe (drop in envelope through cab into safe located in cargo area, behind bulkhead)
  • 4 security camera system with GPS & WFI
  • Rear steps
  • Rack and bin shelves for storage
  • Cargo e-track and tie downs for securing goods
  • AC with interior insulation kit
  • Center console lock box
  • Under passenger seat lock box


What vehicles can I install CannaCage in?


Nor Cal Vans offers pre-build cages for:

  • Ford Transit Connect Long Wheel Base
  • Ford Transit Regular Wheel Base (130” WB) Mid-Roof
  • Ford Transit Long Wheel Base (148” WB) Mid-Roof
  • Ford Transit Long Wheel Base (148” WB) High-Roof

We also have CannaCage options for the Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Metris, Ram Pro Master, and Nissan NV models.


If you don’t see your vehicle listed, contact us by filling out the form below for more information on the options available for your vehicle make and model.


Transporting cannabis products safely and legally is critical to the success of your business. With the new California regulations in place, secure transport is crucial to stay compliant and avoid getting ticketed – or even worse – losing your license.


You should be able to transport your products with confidence, not worrying about the proverbial “lights in your rear-view mirror.”

We offer pre-built cages for self-installation. To learn about the CannaCage click here!

Nor Cal Vans designs and builds transportation solutions that change people’s lives. We serve a broad range of industries with our innovative new and used van conversion options including government, education, airport/group transportation, non-emergency medical, secure transport, and refrigeration. We’ve been solving transportation needs for nearly four decades and strive to hold true to our values of teamwork, trust, accountability, growth and a positive attitude.

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