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How NEMT Services Can Provide Better Transportation Options

By Nor Cal Vans Team | January 08, 2020

Person helping man out of wheelchair vanRegular transportation options like buses, taxis or other public transit, can be difficult for people who use medical devices. Whether traveling to a post-procedure follow-up appointment or to an essential medical appointment, NEMT services are often a lifeline for individuals.

What is NEMT?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is a transportation service provided to individuals who are not in an emergency situation but need more assistance than a taxi service is able to provide. 

If this describes your business then you understand that service providers need to be specially equipped to transport riders who are in wheelchairs, stretchers, or who have other special needs to get them around.

This doesn’t just apply to someone with a permanent disability. It could also apply to someone who is normally healthy enough to get around on their own but has a temporary injury or is post-surgery. For example, someone who has a cast on their arm or leg may find it difficult to use the bus or subway; or someone who is on post-surgery pain medication may not be recommended to drive.

In either case there is a need for NEMT. Whether you’re a clinic, care facility, or municipality seeking to meet federal ADA requirements, a transportation solution for effectively transporting people who have physical or medical challenges is key to the success of your business.

What accessibility needs must be met?

There are specific needs and requirements that must be provided for businesses that provide NEMT services. NEMT services must provide specialized vehicles to accommodate a range of non-emergency equipment such as:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Mobility scooters
  • Walkers
  • Gurneys
  • And any other non-emergency medical equipment that a person may have

When it comes to buying or converting vehicles to use for NEMT services, Nor Cal Vans offers several options to convert the Ford Transit and meet ADA standards so that you can meet the needs of your customers.

Options include:

  • Wheelchair Lifts
  • Wheelchair Tie-Downs/Gurney Securement
  • Ambulatory Entry Options (Bus Door, Curbside Access Transit, Shift-N-Step)
  • Seating options (including movable seating and flexible wheel positions in a matter of seconds without having to perform extensive structural work to the vehicle)

See the full list of options here

Why Choose the Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect

There are different vehicle options to choose from for your van conversion needs, but the Ford Transit Connect is a versatile vehicle with the ability to handle a broad range of needs. The Transit Connect Adaptive Van is an ideal ADA-compliant, wheelchair accessible shuttle vehicle with its superior people moving capabilities and low operating costs for both private and commercial users.

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Nor Cal Vans designs and builds transportation solutions that change people’s lives. We serve a broad range of industries with our innovative new and used van conversion options including government, education, airport/group transportation, non-emergency medical, secure transport, and refrigeration. We’ve been solving transportation needs for nearly four decades and strive to hold true to our values of teamwork, trust, accountability, growth and a positive attitude.

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