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How NEMT Services Can Respond to Coronavirus

By Nor Cal Vans Team | April 01, 2020

medical car kit with cross emblemAs the Coronavirus continues to disrupt business and lives around the world, both the public and private sectors are stepping up to face daunting new challenges. Many countries are experiencing lock downs, while healthcare systems in countries like Italy, Spain, and even the United States are struggling to treat the influx of patients. Now is a critical time when both individuals and businesses must do their part to help slow the spread of this deadly virus.

This is especially true of NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) Services. With hospitals and ambulances unable to address every new case of Coronavirus, NEMT Services can help address this international crisis and potentially save thousands of lives.

First, it’s important to remember that the Coronavirus is not simply another version of the flu. It spreads more rapidly and has a much higher mortality. This means that every precaution must be taken by citizens and healthcare professionals alike. 

Ensure that your vehicles can support critical cases

It goes without saying that NEMT vehicles are equipped to handle non-emergency medical cases. However, given the severity of the current pandemic, even mild cases of the Coronavirus should be treated as though they were in critical condition. The more prepared you are, the more likely that lives will be saved.

This means that NEMT vehicles must be equipped with ample masks, gloves, wheelchair accessibility, and, if possible, a functional respirator. This way, every NEMT vehicle will be ready to transport emergency cases without putting the lives of the patients or medical workers at risk. However, you should be careful not to hoard or oversupply your vehicles, as hospitals and other care facilities are in desperate need of these supplies as well.

Educate drivers and other NEMT personnel on Coronavirus protocol

Having the right supplies won’t necessarily prevent your drivers or NEMT personnel from being exposed to Coronavirus. In order to operate safely and effectively, all of your staff must be educated on the current pandemic. Proper protocol should be followed at all times to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Additionally, if your staff are unsure how to operate emergency respirators or other medical supplies, this could put patients’ lives at risk while in transit to or from a medical facility. While their care will ultimately be up to the doctors and nurses, this doesn’t mean that NEMT personnel shouldn’t be prepared to assist patients as needed. So, keep yourself and your NEMT staff up to date on the latest procedures and information related to Coronavirus.

Be ready to respond quickly

Coronavirus is spreading quickly. The virus now has multiple epicenters throughout the United States and the world, meaning that fast and efficient medical transportation is essential. If your NEMT vehicles and services are not ready, it could ultimately cost lives.

This also means that you should be ready to suspend non-emergency services for as long as needed. Focusing on the elderly and at-risk patients with Coronavirus is the best way to save lives and assist the healthcare workers on the front lines. With a pandemic as widespread as Coronavirus, everyone must be ready to give a helping hand.

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