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Is Electrifying Your Transport Vehicle a Worthwhile Investment?

By Nor Cal Vans Team | December 16, 2019

finger about to press invest start buttonCompanies that are in the business of transporting people as a convenience know the associated vehicle maintenance costs that come with it. Assisted living facilities, airports, hotels and resorts, educational institutions, and non-emergency medical transportation are all examples of industries that rely on their fleet of vehicles to provide reliable transportation for customers.

Purchasing and converting the vehicles themselves is a costly endeavor, but there’s also routine maintenance costs like oil changes and brake changes that result in downtime, as well as fuel costs and even the time lost during routine refueling stops.

If you’re in an industry that uses a fleet of vehicles to provide services to your customers, then electric vehicles may be something for you to consider. Of course, many of today’s fleets may find themselves interested in adding electric vehicles into their portfolio, but their operations may require certain types of vehicles that don’t exist in electric form. 

This is where a company such as Lightning Systems comes in.

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The Cost of Electrifying a Ford Transit

By Eric Gandarilla

The Loveland, Co.-based company outfits vehicles with gasoline powertrains with electric powertrains.

The vehicle conversion offered by the company that is most applicable to commercial fleets in city environments is the Ford Transit conversion.

Discussing the Costs

While there are other aftermarket providers that offer conversion kits, we’ll be looking at Lightning Systems’ conversion process.

Lightning Systems offers two electric powertrain options for the Ford Transit, a 60-mile option and a 120-mile option, the difference between the models lies in the batteries found inside them.

The retail price for the 60-mile option is about $79,000 while the 120-mile option will cost about $99,000.

With an average $40,000 price for a Ford Transit, this puts the all-in cost of the electrified van at about $120,000 for the 60-mile option and $140,000 for the 120-mile option.

That sounds expensive, but when you offset it with operating savings, and offset it with grant and carbon credit funds, of which there is over $5B available throughout the U.S., companies are often able to justify the investment,” said Tim Reeser, CEO of Lightning Systems. “We’re also seeing a lot of companies leasing it, a lot of our customers are leasing the vehicle or leasing the batteries to even the playing field of operating costs and capital costs.”

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Whether or not electrifying your transportation vehicles is a worthwhile investment for your business, the Ford Transit is ideal for tourism, hotel transportation, casinos and even airports, and can be configured to meet the needs of multiple industries with an eye to impressing your customers with your attention to their comfort.

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