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NorCal Vans MAX 9" has more Weight Capacity!

By Nor Cal Vans Team | June 12, 2013

nor-cal-vans-max-9-has-more-weight-capacity-photoPower wheelchairs are getting heavier each year, as well as some of their occupants. In these situations, consideration should be given to the weight carrying capacity of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

We checked the remaining weight carrying capacity on a popular lowered-floor minivan in the showroom next door. The label is located on the driver's b-pillar. The minivan had a weight carrying capacity rating of only 1,027 pounds. If a passenger in a power wheelchair had a combined weight of 500 pounds in this minivan, there would be precious little weight capacity left for passengers, groceries, luggage, etc.

In addition to the power wheelchairs, users could weigh upwards to 500 or 600 pounds. In these instances, addressing the weight carrying capacity of the vehicle is crucial to avoid overloading the vehicle.

Our Ford E150 Wagon with a 9" Lowered Floor has a weight carrying capacity of 2,595 pounds. That's more than DOUBLE the weight carrying capacity of the minivan we checked. Our E250's and E350's gave even more!

So keep our Nor-Cal Van Max 9" Lowered Floor Conversion in mind when you have a customer that would appreciate the extra weight carrying capacity!

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