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What's the Difference Between a Ford Wagon and RV Converter?

By Nor Cal Vans Team | October 29, 2011

Here at Nor-Cal Vans, I’m often asked what the difference is between our Ford Wagon and our Ford RV Converter vans.


Ford Wagons

Our Ford Wagons (or Club Wagons, as they used to be called), come to us with the interior package already installed by Ford. All seats, wall panels, ceiling liner, carpet, and the rear a/c-heat are OEM Ford.

The nice thing about the Wagon factory interior is consistency. If your client wants to know what a Wagon interior looks like, they can go to your local Ford dealer and look at a standard XLT Wagon interior; that interior will be the same as the interior that is in our standard XLT Wagons. Ford only offers two interior colors:Flint (gray) and Pebble (tan).


Ford RV Converters

Our Ford RV Converters come to us from Ford with no interior at all, and an interior must be added before the van can be delivered to the end-user. Nor-Cal Vans offers the Shasta interior package, which includes a fold-down bench seat in back, wall and ceiling panels, front seat covers, flooring, windows and rear a/c-heat system.

If your client prefers something more up-scale than the standard Ford Wagon interior, then we move to the RV Converter chassis so that a custom interior can be installed. We order our E-250 RV Converter vans with lots of nice factory options from Ford (see sample window sticker), and with a custom interior such as our Shasta package, numerous upgrades are available like window shades, a power fold sofa, leather, DVD players, etc.

If you or your client prefers the interior packages of another van conversion company, this can be accommodated as well. We’re often asked to do our lowered floor conversion on or E-250 RV Converter, and then ship the van to another conversion company for the interior conversion work.

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