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Ncv van features

Slim-line Engine Cover Console

By Nor Cal Vans Team | June 25, 2013

A little known secret of the E-Series van is the slim-line engine cover console. The slim-line engine cover console replaces the larger stock deluxe engine cover console, and provides more clearance...

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NorCal Vans MAX 9" has more Weight Capacity!

By Nor Cal Vans Team | June 12, 2013

Power wheelchairs are getting heavier each year, as well as some of their occupants. In these situations, consideration should be given to the weight carrying capacity of wheelchair accessible...

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By Nor Cal Vans Team | July 20, 2012

What is Ford SYNC? All Ford Vans ordered by Nor-Cal Vans are ordered with the Ford SYNC system. Ford SYNC is a factory-installed, integrated in-vehicle communications and entertainment system that...

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What's the Difference Between a Ford Wagon and RV Converter?

By Nor Cal Vans Team | October 29, 2011

Here at Nor-Cal Vans, I’m often asked what the difference is between our Ford Wagon and our Ford RV Converter vans. Ford Wagons Our Ford Wagons (or Club Wagons, as they used to be called), come to us...

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