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Tax Incentives for ADA Compliance Can Apply to Vehicle Conversions

By Nor Cal Vans Team | March 30, 2020

tax incentivesDid you know that your business may be eligible for tax incentives if you’ve recently made some changes to become ADA compliant by removing barriers?

There are three categories of tax deductions:

  1. Architectural/Transportation refers to the removal of physical, structural and transportation barriers and offers up to a $15,000 tax deduction.

  2. Small Business Tax credit – refers to most expenses that comply with the American Disabilities Act, including barrier removal, providing auxiliary aids/services, and accommodating employees, and offers up to a $5,000 tax credit for small businesses.

  3. State Tax Credits – contact your state’s tax office to learn about additional tax incentives that may be offered by your state.

The architectural/transportation tax deduction program can apply to vehicles as well as building modification expenses. This means that if you convert your company’s transportation vehicle to be ADA compliant, then you should try applying for this deduction.

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If you’re considering converting your company vehicle to be wheelchair accessible, there are some important things to think about in addition to tax incentives.

  • If your business is not ADA compliant, then you could face legal consequences such as federal lawsuits or a complaint being filed with the Justice Department. Both cases would result in significant loss of time and money for your business.

  • Some states also have their own specific laws similar to ADA compliance. You can find yours by contacting the state’s Attorney General’s Office.

There are also very specific required elements of ADA Compliance and van conversions that span multiple industries, such as senior and assisted living facilities, educational institutions, airports, hotels and resorts, and non-emergency medical.

A few required elements of this include:

  • Lift door height. 56” door opening height
  • Handicap lift. 30” x 40” wide clear platform
  • Wheelchair attachments.Able to withstand 2,500 of pressure per leg
  • Seat belt. 4 pt. tie downs with lap and shoulder belt
  • Interior lighting. One-foot candle of illumination
  • Specific guidelines for wheelchair ramps:A 1:12 slope ratio, which equals one foot of ramp for every inch of rise; a flat and unobstructed area measuring five feet by five feet at the top and bottom of the ramp; a width of 36 inches; handrails on both sides of the ramp that are 34 to 38 inches in height

The goal of ADA compliance is to provide comfort and safety for the passenger. Specific requirements can feel overwhelming, especially if understanding the nuances isn’t part of your wheelhouse. If ADA Compliance is something you need to fit your business needs, then you need both a vehicle and a company that you can trust.

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