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Top 5 Reasons To Provide Wheelchair Access for Private Tour Buses

By Nor Cal Vans Team | February 12, 2020

people sitting on private tour bus

Most people work hard for much of their lives. Aside from a small number of us, that hard work involves living the drudgery of everyday routines. Meanwhile, we also know that there exists this wonderful wide world beyond the walls of our lives. That is why from time to time, people need to get away from it all. If you operate a tour bus company, that is where you enter.

Tour buses can offer people a temporary vacation from everyday life. But if you don't offer wheelchair access, you may want to consider van conversion services.  Here are a few reasons you should have your van or bus converted to service passengers in wheelchairs. 

1.  Serving More of the Population

Success in any business is often measured in market share. Every market is limited in some way. There are only a certain number of potential people willing to purchase tickets to ride on your tours. What's worse, you share those potential customers with every other tourist attraction in your community. What you need is an edge.

If you offer tours in vans and buses that have been converted to provide wheelchair access, you can tap into a whole new potential market. Every tour group with at least one member that requires a wheelchair will need to use a service accessible to all members of their party. It makes good sense to reach the largest segment of the population possible.  

2.  Van Conversion is A One Time Investment 

Any investment in your business assets can be scary prior to the decision. How do you know whether this investment is the best choice for your operation? Many decisions to increase capacity or market percentage involve extensive ongoing costs. If you have already purchased the vehicles for your tour company, you already have ongoing maintenance costs.

The beauty of converting your existing vehicles is that it's a one time expense. You convert a few of your vans to accommodate wheelchairs and potentially expand your customer base for the life of those vehicles.

3.  The Population is Aging

Maybe you operated successfully for years without accommodating passengers with disabilities. Why do you now need to adjust your transportation force if this was not necessary for business in the past? 

The population is aging. With Baby Boomers reaching retirement age, each year a greater percentage of the population is older. Unfortunately, as we age, it's more likely that we'll need wheelchairs for personal transportation. That means there's an annual increase in the percentage of potential customers needing accommodation. Even if your vehicles did not need wheelchair access in the past, they will need this feature in the future. 

4.  The Law May Require the Accommodation of A Disability

Both California and federal law prohibits discrimination based on disability in places of public accommodation. You could be putting your company at risk. Any investigation into your organization would involve the failure to make a reasonable modification to your operations in a way that would allow a person with a disability to use your service. Maybe you'll win, and maybe you'll lose any lawsuit or administrative action. Why wait until the choice is out of your hands? 

If you start planning now, you can decide how many vehicles to renovate a year or in total. That way you can increase your potential market share on your own schedule.

5.  Expanding Your Horizons

Diversity is more than just a buzz word. Interactions with people from different backgrounds can often provide a different perspective on old issues. Providing wheelchair access within the tourism industry may lead to route or attraction opportunities you never thought possible. It all starts by listening to new segments of the customer population. 

If your tourism company doesn't offer wheelchair access, you may never know about the customers you're missing. Families and retiree groups with even one member with limited mobility will need to take their entire party to your competitor.

You don't have to be left behind. Get your company vehicles modified to accommodate wheelchairs with the professionals who know how to do the job right. 

Nor Cal Vans designs and builds transportation solutions that change people’s lives. We serve a broad range of industries with our innovative new and used van conversion options including government, education, airport/group transportation, non-emergency medical, secure transport, and refrigeration. We’ve been solving transportation needs for nearly four decades and strive to hold true to our values of teamwork, trust, accountability, growth and a positive attitude.

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