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A Transit Connect for Macy

By Nor Cal Vans Team | February 23, 2015

We received a wonderful letter from one of our customers! It's so great to hear how much the Transit Connect Adaptive Van is improving her and her family's lives!

We LOVE the van!!! It has made life so much easier for all of us. Macy is much more comfortable not having to be moved from her wheelchair, to her car seat, back to her wheelchair, etc. Since she is 11 it was difficult to find a car seat that was comfortable. Now she can stay in her chair, which offers the support she needs for her low muscle tone, and is comfortable for long rides. It's really cute to see how much she likes riding in the back and looking out the windows!

I like that the van is different than the typical accessible vans that you see. It's nice to have something that you don't see all the time. The ramp and restraint system are really easy to use and will save my back! Macy is having scoliosis surgery in about 6 weeks and having the van is going to make getting around much easier for all of us. The one thing I would like everyone there to know is that, while we have always taken Macy pretty much everywhere with us, it became really difficult the bigger she got. Now I don't hesitate to take her to run errands, shopping, etc. because getting her in and out of the car at different spots is so easy. So having this van makes it possible to get out in the community even more than before, which she loves.

Lastly, the customer service at Nor-Cal Vans was outstanding. I visited several mobility van stores and called or emailed at least 10 others, and it seemed that no one was really interested in our business. When I called Nor-Cal Vans and spoke to Greg, I know right away that, even though we were on opposite ends of the state, I wanted to buy our van from you.

Thank you so much,

Michelle W.

Macy and her sister enjoying their new Transit Connect.

A big thank you to Michelle for the kind words and sharing her pictures with us! We're so happy you love the van!

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