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Wheelchair Accessible Transit Connect in Production

By Nor Cal Vans Team | August 26, 2014


Summer 2014

NorCal Vans, a California-based company specializing in Ford mobility van conversions, has begun production on the new 2014 Transit Connect Adaptive Van—a versatile, ADA-compliant vehicle equipped with an innovative ramp that folds flat to allow storage of luggage, cargo, and more.

The vehicle seats up to six passengers, including one wheelchair user. NorCal Vans designed the Transit Connect not only for commercial prospects but also with special consideration for private consumers who require a mobility option but who don’t want to compromise the day-to-day convenience of a standard vehicle.

Families and businesses alike need a vehicle that can multifunction. The Transit Connect offers a unique combination of capability and efficiency that works for all kinds of people in all kinds of settings. From busy families that need to drop the kids off at school before heading to the grocery store, to businesses that need an economic vehicle that can be used to pick up supplies and to transport a wheelchair user and other guests to appointments. The Nor-Cal Vans Transit Connect Adaptive Van is a people mover, a cargo hauler, and a mobility vehicle.

Ford offers many incentives to those interested in purchasing the Transit Connect Adaptive Van. The Ford Mobility Motoring program offers up to $1,000 reimbursement, in addition to the Ford Retail Customer Cash Programs and Financing Programs. (See Ford’s website for more details.)

Because the Transit Connect meets ADA standards, businesses are positioned to save thousands of dollars through Federal tax-incentive programs—tax credits, deductions, or combination of both—which encourage compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Nor-Cal Vans outlines these incentives in detail at www.nor-calvans.com/transit-connect/tax-incentives.

For more information or to purchase a Transit Connect Adaptive Van, contact Nor-Cal Vans at info@nor-calvans.com, call (866) 892-0150, or visit www.norcalvans.com for more details.

NorCal Vans is located in Chico, CA. We specialize in accessible van conversions of Ford products. As a Ford Pool Account, we can transfer our inventory into yours with no loss of dealer incentives. NorCal Vans is also a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM), meaning our conversion on the Transit Connect will maintain the Ford Factory warranty in addition to the NorCal Vans conversion warranty.

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