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NCV Transit Wheelchair Securement FMVSS Tested

By Nor Cal Vans Team | March 04, 2015

Rigidly tested against all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, the NorCal Vans wheelchair securement for the Ford Transit successfully passed the wheelchair securement system anchorage test and occupant restraint system anchorage test. This includes a 5,000-lb pull test on wheelchair securement anchorages, 3,000-lb pull test on lap belt anchorages, and a 3,000-lb pull test on shoulder belt anchorages. Passing these tests prove that the NorCal Vans Transit provides an unequaled level of safety for your wheelchair passengers.

NorCal Vans offers custom upfit packages for the Ford Transit that may include the NCV Transit Bus, rear or side entry wheelchair lifts, multiple seating configurations, crew van seating, luggage bulkheads, and more.

Learn more about the upfits available for the NorCal Vans Transit.

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